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Gala Concert Part I

TIME: 19:30

Newly appointed head organist in the Budolfi Cathedral in Aalborg Jørgen Ellekilde, who is on his final year in the soloist diploma, class opens this year’s Gala concert with a movement from Marcel Duprès majestic “Evocation” for organ solo.

Another successful keyboard player is pianist Anne Sofie Sloth Nilausen who won last year’s soloist competition at RAMA offering her solo performances with both Aalborg and Aarhus Symphony Orchestras.

On this occasion she will be performing Russian composer Sofia Gubaidolinas baroque inspired and yet so Russian “Chaconne” for solo piano written while the composer was still a music student!

The composition department at RAMA has a long and glorious tradition for having students who are far from traditionalists. Danish/French composer Loïc Destremau’s playful piece for 2 (?) trombones, which will be performed by soloist diploma student Therese Iversen and master student Maria Wang Reinert, follows this proud tradition indeed!

The concert terminates with the newly formed chamber orchestra “Hermes”. The orchestra is run entirely by the students themselves with no or little involvement from teachers!


  • 19.30  Marcel Duprè (1886-1971): Allegro deciso fra Evocation. Orgel solo: Jørgen Ellekilde

  • 19.38  Speak Robert Vinther

  • 19.40  Sofia Gobaidulina: Chaconne for solo piano. (1962)
    Klaver solo: Anne Sofie Sloth Nilausen:

  • 19.52  Rektors tale

  • 20.00 Loïc Destremau: Joint Bones (2018): Therese Iversen og Maria Wang Reinert - trombone

  • 20.07  Speak Robert Vinther

  • 20.10  Hermes Chamber Orchestra

  • 20.25  FINE