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TIME: 13:00

Marlou started writing and singing her own songs at the age of 11. Putting her small poems to music as she explored the piano in her living room. Educated classical she explored pop, jazz and soul and found her way in between. Every song has its own soul and atmosphere, with its own style and
sound. They labeled it “narrative soul”, a string of her innermost feelings, told as a narrative, the journey called life. And that’s the story Marlou would like you to hear. In 2017 she recorded her debut EP “Long way home” with her band, that was greatly reviewed in OOR magazine (NL).

“Straight from the heart, created, played and recorded with great love and great care.”
“Open, honest, intense and adventurous. Long way home stands
on its own”

Marlou Vriens - vocals, piano
Pieter Danz - percussion/drums
Erwin Huigen - bass
Jeroen Danz - guitar