Jazz9tus Orchestra.png

Jazz9tus Orchestra

TIME: 12:00

The large ensemble music has always intrigued musicians of all genres. This unique sound that only appears, if many people are collaborating. 
This night the Jazz9tus orchestra will venture through a sound ideals made rich by Maria Schneider, Bob Brookmeyer and Kenny Wheeler to name a few. With a modern take on harmony and rhythm, the ensemble features everything from swing to funk and modern jazz. 

Nils Bourdon - Vocals
Erik Michaelsen - Trumpet
Dan Hejslet - Flugelhorn
Jonas Lindh - Trombone
Mads Kirkegård - Alto Sax
Tadas Pasaravicius - Tenor Sax
Caroline Zalcman - Baritone Sax
Thomas Wandborg - Guitar
Casper Hejlesen - Guitar
Jakob Lundø - Piano
Andreas Bek - Keyboards
Jan Sedlak - Bass
Matias Fischer - Drums 
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - composer/conductor