stages rama aarhus

Symfonisk Sal (The Symphonic Hall)

The beautiful, wooden concert hall will lend its acoustic warmth to both traditional and experimental classical ensembles. It will also serve a potpourri of delightful acts from students in the Classical Department in this year’s Gala Concert part I.

Rytmisk Sal (The Rhythmic Hall)

With excellent sound and light setting, and a stage that fits the bigger orchestras, the Rhythmic Hall will present some of the grand projects of the festival. From full grown rock to mesmerizing eletronica to hybrid bigband collaborations – and last but not least, a selection of talented acts from students in the Rhythmic Department in this year’s Gala Concert part II.

Musikhusets Foyer (The Foyer of the Music House)

The entrance hall of Musikhuset will be alive and buzzing during the RAMA festival. Throughout the day, your musical taste buds may be tickled by an array of sound experiences – in the shape of spontaneous pop-up concerts, a durational sound installation, or by the high-energy drum- and dance performance delivered by the Rhythmic Music and Movement (RMB) students.

Lille Sal (The Little Hall)

The theatrical setting of Lille Sal presents a program of acts across disciplines, who enjoy experimentation; who present a new take on existing forms and an elegant play with sound and genre - everything with originality, virtuosity, sensitivity and wit.

Kammermusiksalen (The Chamber Music Hall)

With a city view that invites contemplation, and walls well-tempered for acoustic music, the Chamber Music Hall will mainly host unplugged performances throughout the day and night. Duets and quartets, strings, drums and horns - and a full-blown cabaret in net stockings.

Klubscenen (The Club Scene)

A little too small and a little too sweaty, this space is made for the intimate, raw and quirky performances. From crazy pop to space pop, to afro club – this is a place to come let your hips sway, be up front with the artists and dream yourself into uninhabited corners of the imagination.

Rum 222 / Solar Wind (Room 222)

A collaboration with visual artist Mads Binderup.

A conceptual scene, experimenting with a scenography that will embrace and dialogue with the live music, exploring a multi-sensory experience.

“The Solar wind; the sun's cosmic radiation, aurora borealis and aurora australis. Radiation particles melted with atoms guided by magnetic fields. A natural phenomenon that will be recreated through carefully selected materials, light sources and filters.”

Artist: Mads Hvidkjær Binderup
Visual composer and architect. As a visual composer, Mads has filmed and projected the mixing of liquids using different mechanics as live performances, complementing concerts and acts. The Solar Wind scenography will be uncharted territory for Mads and an experiment with new materials and effects.

Rum 224 / The Installation (Room 224)

A collaboration with Art Ground Collective

Given free hands to recreate and play with the performance space, Art Ground Collective sets the stage for the music and the musicians to be experienced in new ways.

“Experimenting with light, video and live feed, we seek to create a room of illumination that will interact with the live performances as they are being watched.”

Artists: Art Ground Collective

An Aarhus-based group of artists and curators, striving to create new and experimental art projects by crossing borders between the different mediums executed by the members of the group.

De små øvebokse (The small practice boxes)

On level 1, the middle hallway will be echoing with new music, as the classical composers take over the small practice rooms and create a durational soundscape of original compositions.  

General information

Exploring the RAMA building you will find small oases dotted around, inviting you to make a pause; take a rest for a moment in a soft chair surrounded by plants; enjoy a cup of coffee, a snack or a refreshment from the bar – all at affordable prices!

From hour 17:00 – 19:00 it is possible to buy dinner in the canteen on the 5th floor.

In front of Rytmisk Sal, there will be an information point and maps of the whole festival area and activities during the day.